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Is Building an Email List the Secret to Massive Online Sales?

You’ve created a blog.

You’ve written loads of valuable content and even built quite a loyal readership.

You have now decided to start earning your first dollar and you’ve come up with your first eBook and you are pretty excited at the potential of earning lots of revenue once you launch it.

And you do exactly that.

You launch your eBook and share it on your blog and social media accounts and you anxiously wait. Wait for the money to start streaming in.

But hours pass by, days go by and there’s nothing. Not even a single question concerning your eBook.

You start to wonder what went wrong. “Was the pricing too high or was the eBook cover not attractive enough?”

Well, those could be a few reasons as to the zero sales, but I highly doubt it.

The real problem is an email list. You are lacking an email list.

Yes, an email list is the most important tool that any serious marketer who wants to generate revenue online should have.

Ready to know why? Here are some good reasons as to why you should start building an email list now.

Direct communication with your audience

Unlike a blog where the only form of communication is via comments which are public, email offers a more direct way of communicating with your reader. People shy away from public communication like on social media and blog comments but if you can offer a more private way(email) then you more likely to get feedback from them and eventually sales.

Better reach

Almost everyone has email and people read their emails at least once in a day as opposed to social media where you are likely to miss on some posts. This makes email very effective in reaching your audience because the likelihood of your message being read is 100% .

Permission based communication

Email is a permission based form of communication in that someone has given you permission to communicate with them directly. This allows for better engagement and conversion.

It’s more targeted.

For a person to be on your email list, he/she must have opted in by giving out his name and email address and agreed to receive emails from you. This assures you that most of the people in your email list love your products and services and would actually want more of what you can offer. This means that anything you send them is more targeted and this leads to more conversions.

Low cost

It costs nothing to send an email as opposed to social media where at times you may have to advertise your products to reach a wider audience.

Building an email list is very important for any smart online marketer who plans on earning money from his products or services. With email you are assured of better audience reach, better engagement and more conversions.

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