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Top 10 Quick Ways To Make Money Online

It’s 2020. By now, most people have heard how easy it is to make money online. But that’s just half the story. Some online markets are too saturated, while others are quite volatile.

To make a quick buck, beginners must ensure their skill set matches the method they choose from the list below.

1. Create Online Courses

Most people have extensive knowledge in specific fields, and sharing your expertise can be a quick income-generating prospect. Other people will learn from your expertise, experience or demonstrations.

In 2020, starting an online course forum doesn’t cost more than $200. Sometimes the existing online courses have a knowledge gap. Also, many people can’t juggle classes with their day to day demands.

Are you well-informed in the discipline that you choose? That’s where you save the day. There is always something different a person may offer, even when their field has fierce competition.

Research is another essential step. Well, you may be knowledgeable, but facts or studies must support your theories or hypotheses. Use correct terms, formulas, hidden buttons, or shortcuts that give more information to laypeople.

After making a course outline, the next step is choosing the delivery medium. Which media is the most popular? Videos. Visual aids tend to be captivating for most viewers, especially if you are targeting children.

Content creation is the main work in online courses. For example, when making a video, the course maker has to find the right mic and an excellent camera. If it is within your budget, an experienced editor may come in handy. Alternatively, use a video editing software or app.

Udemy or YouTube are some of the platforms where these courses are posted. Answer The Public is also an online tool that helps users gauge how marketable their course will be. These online tools are also helpful when estimating your lessons’ price.

When you finish the process, the money starts coming in as long as you have a unique idea.

However, the area one chooses may be crowded and exhausted, with nothing new to offer.

2. Article Writing

With the advent of AI, many ‘experts’ predicted the downfall of article writing, but it never gets old. There is an element of human writing that AI can’t replicate. Here, companies or individuals contract a writer to create captivating blogs or product reviews that promote their services or goods.

Creating an original and captivating article does not come easy to everyone. That’s the reason companies are always seeking talented writers who can pull customers by the weight of their words.

First, a writer should find a site that complements their style. A simple Google search will give you a boatload of sites. Some sites prefer a formal approach, while others give you the leeway to a more conversational tone.

Does your resume match the demands of the website?

There are many sites, and having several accounts may not be necessary. It may even delay your submissions and subsequently, your ratings and popularity. Quality, timely communication with clients, and meeting deadlines are some of the strategies for quick success here.

Article writing is a gig that has employed many people around the globe. Plus, it saves writers the hassles of traveling and fare.

The caveat is that writers who want direct clients won’t have an easy time. It may take time and a person’s credentials notwithstanding; most clients will prefer writers from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

3. Transcription

Speech to text services also abounds the internet. From the audio or video provided, a person should ensure they write whatever they hear in perfect grammar. Transcription software and grammar tools may help make transcribers work easier.

As a transcriber, remember to ask your client the type of verbatim they need. There is full verbatim where you will write everything, including filler words like uh, uhm. Clean verbatim, in other words, requires the transcriber to remove filler words.

Transcription rates in 2020 vary from site to site. Also, people earn more if they get a direct client or if they are conversant in specific languages.

The pros of this job include flexible working hours and the freedom to work remotely from the comfort of your ergonomic chair.

When it comes to transcription, following the company’s guidelines is vital. Failure to do that may result in termination or non-payment. Check your final work.

4. Test A website and Get Paid

Participants get a chance to contribute to website demos through testing sites. These testing sites usually require beginners to sign up. Users are then required to spot any flaws or bugs.

It may seem like a trivial matter to some, but companies need to check how user-friendly their site is. Self-criticism doesn’t come easy to most people hence the need for an outsider.

It is an easy job.

When you register, you will be required to give your full profile. Try to be honest because it will help in categorizing you for the best fit. And whenever a job in the specified field comes up, you can get a quick notification.

One cannot get full-time earnings from web testing, but it is a quick method of earning extra cash. Also, be ready to react to any notifications since there are others like you waiting for the same opportunity.

Descriptive feedback is also a requirement. Here, one has to consider the people who will be making changes as per your recommendations or views. Make their process as easy as possible, and most sites will have your money ready within a day or two.

5. Proofreading

Do you want to become a grammar pedant?

These online jobs require candidates to read a document or book and make the needed changes. Grammatical mistakes, contradictions, logical inconsistencies, or typos are some of the issues that one should fix.

When people or companies present their work, they have to ensure that their work is readable and credible. And that’s where proofreaders step in.

Now, this is a job that requires excellent command and awareness in the given language. But some sites can help you hone your skills. Also, try to concentrate on proofreading jobs that are related to your discipline.

The downside is that proofreaders don’t have coworkers to consult with when they are at sea. If Google can’t provide substantial info, they are on their own.

6. Become A Search Engine Evaluator

Evaluating search engines entails assessing the results. At times it may involve sorting out search results on social media.

Algorithms help with a massive chunk of the filtration processes. However, sometimes human input is needed to ensure that there is no discrepancy or failures from the system. Evaluators ensure that the terms searched match the result being given to ensure that traffic is directed to the right channels.

Many websites offer these evaluating tasks, and they mostly need a smartphone or PC that has antivirus software. After completing the registration process, read the guidelines. Afterward, some companies need people to do basic training to test their versatility and adaptability.

Remember that while a few people may get a steady volume of work, most people should only rely on this as a part-time way to earn quick bucks online.

7. Sell Items That Are No Longer Useful

If pictures of valuable stuff that people have bought from flea markets are anything to go by, one person’s trash sometimes turns out to be another person’s treasure.

Several companies have apps or software where people can sell items that have ceased to be useful to them. And the market never lacks a person that might be interested. It gives people an opportunity to de-clutter and makes money in the process.

Amazon, Craiglist, eBid, Poshmark, among others, are some of the platforms one can use. Some sites also allow sellers to assort their items such as clothes, household appliances, or hobby-related items. Make sure that the flaws are mentioned in the descriptive video or text about the item.

Prompt shipping or delivery also keeps sellers on their customers’ good books.

The caveat comes when one encounters fake buyers. Also, online platforms will get a share of your sales.

8. Taking Surveys

Can completing surveys provide quick cash?

Oh, yes. Most people take this method with a grain of salt. However, it is a perfect earning opportunity.

Keep in mind that feedback from people helps companies reorganize or make needed adjustments in their future products. Most companies won’t have a department dedicated to online research. It is not something that happens every day.

Those interested will find online websites that offer questionnaires. Several surveying companies provide different rates or rewarding strategies, and you can sign up on those that provide about $10 or more.

Truthfulness is advised to help them pinpoint the best surveys that suit the skills provided. Afterward, the participant waits for notifications should any opportunity in their area arise. Some companies also ask participants to do a pre-survey to find out if the candidate fits their needs.

The answers in these surveys range from simple yes/no questions to questions that need detailed answers. Sometimes studies have a funnel questionnaire. It is where you start with the yes/no answers then move to the more specific questions.

However, be watchful to steer clear of spams and tricksters.

9. Test Apps

App developers also need feedback that will help them tweak and release user-friendly products. This type of testing gives companies a chance to gather first-hand information from would-be-users. Plus your review or comments, especially if positive, enables them to reach a wider audience.

Find an app testing website and look at their selection criteria. Do you stand a chance? And what are their payment methods?

The companies will require the participant to download the app. From the information, one provided they may get iOS or Android apps. Tests for the apps vary. One company may want users to test for bugs while others may want to see user navigation.

Follow the guidelines. And after testing, give a frank assessment, whether positive or negative. Candidness helps developers to adjust their apps to drive more sales or have the edge over the competition.

Once the review is approved, the participant receives their money.

The disadvantage of this method is that the workload may not be consistent. Also, the company reserves the right of screening participants. One cannot simply count on this to pay their rent.

10. Watching YouTube Videos Or TV Videos

Watching can be a hobby to many, but it is time to turn it into a money-making activity. The perks one gets depends on the company they register with. Swagbucks, QuickRewards, or InboxDollars are renowned companies in this business.

Companies have varied reasons for paying people to watch their videos. Netflix, for instance, pays taggers. Taggers help put correct tags to enable other subscribers to navigate or find relevant searches quickly.

Look for sites that offer payments when you watch their videos or affiliates of these companies. Fill in any form or requirements, and one is good to go. It is time to do the tasks as per the instructions.

The good thing is that most websites just need your eyes, ears, and recommendations or feedback. People do not really need to fill a resume or have advanced learning to do most of the tasks.

The downside is that some websites only operate within the parent country. It may be difficult for outsiders to get work.

Closing Remarks

If you have not ventured into online jobs, there are ways you can make a quick buck in 2020. Most of these methods pay within 2 days, and they don’t exceed 2 weeks at most.

What can you do?

Watch videos, test apps, be a search engine evaluator, take surveys, proofread, test websites, transcribe, write website content for search engine optimization, create online courses or sell items to earn some quick cash.

Some of these methods may not give a person a solid financial base, but others like transcription have employed people full-time.

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